What a month…..This month of November has truly been a blessing in so many ways. First off, Thank you God. He has continued to guide our path and in return of seeking him diligently, he has greatly rewarded us and put food on our table without us looking for it. Let me explain. This month alone, we picked up a bunch of new contracted work that will take us into the following year hitting our long shot goal we had set for this business in any given year. We had a minimum goal of $1.5 Million and a long shot goal set for $5 Million and we have now exceeded both these goals in less than 1 year and in being in business for less than 1 year! The crazy thing is that we didn’t even go looking for it, it found us. Also, with our 1st job at Budweiser completed, we picked up another project there that will be starting in a week. We have just completed 95% of our Public Works project with the City of Oakland and will be completing our other Public Works project with the City of Pinole in December. Additionally, a new Custom Home contract will be finalized in the next week. We have now also started serving at our church, The Father’s House in the Eastbay and what a fulfilling feeling that is….giving back and helping others, nothing could be better. As we reflect on this year heading into December, we have had more time this year than any other year while working to be with our family, specifically our two children. We have been blessed to take the kids to and from school and still run a successful business. Putting God first has its benefits….just saying. This year we also had time for our Kitchen Remodel and hosted Thanksgiving with our new Kitchen! Progression Photos can be found here finally (we will have more uploaded to the Final Folder, as the wine rack and crown molding will be completed!):


Keep in mind as you seek God, it is not about what you can get in return, it is about your heart and a true change of character. The wants you may have or have already, he already knows and by keeping your focus on him and forgetting about that stuff (the wants)…he in turn grants it especially as you deepen your relationship with him and no longer have wants and forget about them….as it is written in Psalm 23, “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.” The path of trusting God is not always easy but that is part of the walk of Faith my friends and we are not ashamed to make our stand. God Bless and see you in December!