Here we are 2 months away from the end of the year and what an exciting time. Projects are in full swing and our kitchen is just about finished, nothing like having to return cabinets damaged in delivery (Twice) but hey, this is construction and there are always surprises, pictures will be up from Start to Finish Progress, very exciting!….we also celebrated Birthday’s with the Boys, now ages 3 & 5 and are looking forward to the Holidays. The boys are excited about the new kitchen or as they say, the new jobsite lol! This month we have started working at Budweiser (Anheuser Busch) in Fairfield and we are honored to be a part of this experience. Yes, the one off of 80 heading towards Sacramento, the one we all drive by at some point in our life! On top of that, we are looking at and negotiating a deal on some Hotel work in Sacramento and a Restaurant TI in another Hotel, names we cannot give out just yet, but lets just say one of the buildings is the oldest high rise in Sacramento. This is very exciting especially because Mike’s identical twin brother Joe is in Sacramento, which means we can get lunch together more often and get the families together more on the weekends as we work more in Sacramento!….God is great! A great leader once said, “the walk of faith is like a marathon, not a sprint” we do our best to remember that as we are here on this earth and keep our priorities in line! See you next month for some Turkey! Gobble Gobble!